1. Can I get funding to help alleviate the cost of a wig or hairpiece ?

Yes you can. Here are some of the options.

HSE Allowance :

Clare Wig Centre is an authorised HSE registered wig supplier. The HSE will provide an allowance through your medical card for medical related hair loss. Entitlements will vary depending on the health board region. A specialist or doctor’s letter together with your medical card number is required and Clare Wig Centre will process the paperwork on your behalf.

The allowance depending on your health board region is from Euro 440- Euro 767.

Private health insurance :

If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim off your policy and plan type.

The amount to be refunded will depend on your plan and you should check with your provider for details on this regard.

We can provide you with the relevant documentation in order for you to claim a reimbursement wig allowance from your healthcare provider.

Tax- payer’s with no private health insurance : If you are a taxpayer in Ireland with no private health insurance, you can claim for health expenses using the Med1 form which you can obtain from the tax office.

2. Is there any obligation to buy a wig or hairpiece ?

Absolutely not.There is no obligation to buy any products, wig or hairpiece.

My aim is to make this experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible. All consultations are free of charge and only when you are totally happy with your decision, will you be required to make a payment

3. Do you carry a large selection of wigs and hairpieces?

Yes I do. I have ,at any one time ,a large selection of styles and colours to choose from.There is a variety of price points depending on your budget. I have both synthetic and human hair pieces and wigs.I carry a variety of Christina headware options including turbans, hats and mantra scarfs. I also stock the appropriate specialist products to
care for your wigs and hairpieces . If you try a wig or hairpiece and would prefer it in an alternative shade, it is possible to order it and have it within 3 to 5 working days.

4. Are there different size wigs available ?

Yes there are. A lot of modern wigs are adjustable but in certain ranges they have petite and larger cap

sizes available. All of the wigs have extra security by being able to loosen and tighten velcro straps to ensure maximum comfort and fit.

5. Should I get more than one ?

This will depend on why you need a wig or hairpiece. If you are wearing a wig due chemotherapy or radiotherapy ,1 should be enough as you will need it for a shorter time frame.. If you have alopecia, you may need more than one piece
because you may want to alternate in order to give yourself more variety.

6. What is the difference between human and synthetic hair in wigs or hairpieces ?

There are a number of differences ie. cost, quality, ease of maintenance. Synthetic hair wigs are extremely easy to wear and take care of. They are wash and wear which means that they return to their original shape once they are shampooed gently. There is no styling required. There are a huge range of colours and styles to choose from. They are very comfortable depending on the base you choose. The cost is far less expensive than a human hair wig.
On the flip side, you cannot change the colour or style of the hairpiece or wig. They tend not to last as long as a human hair piece. On average if a synthetic wig is well minded and cared for with the appropriate products, they should
last for 6 months. They may last longer or less, depending on care and how often it is worn. If you would like a longer styled wig, it is recommended to opt for a human hairpiece as you

can get friction frizz if the synthetic fibres come into contact with synthetic clothing, rubbing against each

Human hairpieces and wigs are made from 100% Premium human hair. Within that there are differences in where the hair is sourced with European being the most sought after. This is because it will have gone through less processes to
lighten the colour unlike Indian or Chinese hair. Human hair wigs can be cut and styled into your desired shape.. You have the option of curling or straightening or even adding some depth or tone in the colour. They do require more maintenance in styling and can be substantially more expensive. There are a certain amount of styles and colours available off the shelf. In regards to a custom made shade or style there is a lead time of up to 16 weeks. For this
reason they are not always suitable for someone undergoing cancer treatment.

7. If I have been diagnosed with cancer , when is the right time to look for a hairpiece and wig ?

If your oncology team advised you that you are going to lose your hair, then it is recommended that you come to see me prior to this. There are a couple of reasons for this, one being, it is more beneficial if I, the stylist can see your hair
as it is, in its natural state. That way if you would like, we can get as close a colour match to your own shade and style. It is also better to have your hairpiece or wig, before you need it and at a time where your energy levels are higher.
Your oncology team will be able to give you an estimation as to when your hair will begin to fall out. It is normally between 10-14 days after your initial treatment and your scalp may feel tingly prior to this. It is a completely personal decision whether you would like your hair to fall out naturally or be removed by me or someone else. A lot of people
opt to go for a shorter style before this happens. I will strive to make the experience a positive one while you get your new hair. Bringing a close friend or family member is advised if that will make the experience a better one for you.